Love and Unity

Parkway United Church of Christ is a loving community that welcomes everyone—young and old, gay and straight, cisgender and transgender, singles and families, spirited children and questioning adults. We also created Intertwine Interfaith Initiative to build friendships across faiths—emphasizing understanding of our similarities and celebrating our differences. Love and unity are our greatest assets, and no matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.


Walking out after our ten-year anniversary celebration of being open and affirming, a man who was working at a table in the gathering space told me he never knew a church like ours existed. As a gay man, he hadn’t been in a church in over a decade. He was nervous to come that morning. But he did and he was welcomed and he was so happy to know there’s a place to worship for people 'like him.'
-C. Bumgarner

As a Sunday school teacher for the middle and high school, I witnessed the unlimited love of our youth. One Sunday we had a large, rowdy and rather opinionated group of youth in class. I was concerned that the young girl visiting may feel uneasy, but I was wrong. She confided to us that she is transgender. The youth were kind, supportive, and accepting of this courageous girl. I'm so glad our church truly welcomes all people.
-P. Penico

As a PUCCer nearly all of my life, I never knew anything but love for all. Our small youth group was all one color, but we could not have been more different. We cared so much for each other and that meant the world to me. PUCC has increased in diversity and size over the years and my life has led me in ways I didn't plan, but I know that PUCC equals love. No matter when, no matter how, I know I have a home there. A home that is warm, safe, and welcoming for ALL.
-C. Schulenburg

I find myself leaning into the challenge and responsibility of ‘listening lavishly’ to others. In this day when people really struggle to make room for one another, I am grateful that our church helps me grow in my listening abilities.
-K. Cameron

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