Social Justice

Parkway United Church of Christ believes that God calls us to pursue justice, seek peace, and effect change for a better world. The United Church of Christ is known for arriving early on issues of inclusivity and justice. We were the first to ordain an African-American pastor (1785), a woman (1853), an openly gay person (1972), and the first to affirm same-gender marriage equality (2005). We believe faith requires tenderness and courage, a kind of big love that is enriching people’s lives, and we offer many opportunities for you to raise your voice for the things that matter to God and to you. Peace and justice are our goals, and we do not shy away from pursuing these ideals.


Parkway helped me to be courageous on other’s behalf. Parkway encourages social justice with a message of equality. Everyone’s equal, everyone should get an equal opportunity. And if someone’s not getting an equal share, stand up for them. Use your gifts to help them. Parkway gave me the courage and the platform to help others.
- B. Lyons, age 19

As a chaperone on our Youth Mission Trip last summer, when we were moving furniture from apartment to apartment at Lydia’s House for women and children who have been abused, I had such a range of thought and emotion - shame, empowerment, humility, compassion, inspiration. I’m grateful that our church doesn’t ignore the call to be engaged in difficult conversations and actions.
- K. Cameron

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