December 10, 2018


Rev Kevin Cameron, Senior Pastor (
Husband and father of four; good listener; not too serious; volunteer – school, scouts, sports; misses the ocean





Kevin Hogarty,
 Church Council President ( Husband, father of one adult son and now a father-in-law, hunger for spiritual growth, enjoy travel, food, wine and microbrews. Like Pastor Kevin – big Red Sox fan (Cards too) who also misses the ocean!




Barb Kuhlmann, Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministries (
mother, grandmother, warm, creative, joyful, compassionate, faithful, adaptable and spirited



Barry Luedloff, Interim Music Director

Wandering and wayward organist/church musician. Loves: people, food, choir, art, theater (musical & other), all animals (esp. dogs and horses), hiking in woods, forests, mountains & valleys, kayaking, traveling, and especially loves making a JOYFUL NOISE!!!   “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the House of the Lord!’ “


Mona Smith Herberg,
 Office Administrator (
mother and grandmother, creative, sarcastic, violinist, loves to hike, voracious reader, enjoys photography


Susan Thomson, Financial Administrator (

Mom, grandmother of 6; will usually find me outdoors if I’m not at work.  Equestrian and avid gardener.


Julie Connors,
creative, kid at heart, loves comedy


John Nourse, Pastor Emeritus
deep spirit, gentle gardener, clergy couple