Ministry Staff

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Rev Kevin Cameron

Senior Pastor

Pastor Kevin is a husband and father of four. He prides himself on being a good listener, open to diverse opinions and frank questions. Kevin spends time volunteering for his local school district, AFS, and Ready Readers. He grew up in Massachusetts and often finds himself missing the ocean and snowy winters.

Having graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in psychology, Kevin earned his Master of Divinity degree at Andover Newton Theological Seminary. After serving two churches in New England and one in Kansas City, he was called to Parkway UCC in 2004. He has led the church through two decades of self-examination and growth. In 2008, Parkway became an open and affirming congregation, a position that aligns well with Kevin’s belief that all are not just welcome to join our worship and service but essential partners needed to complete our identity and ministry. The dominant message of Kevin’s preaching, reflected in the ways he spends his time and energy, is that God intends us to love, care for, and bring comfort and peace to others. Sharing his passion has led Parkway UCC to strive to bring food, opportunity, and justice to those enduring hunger or oppression.

Under Kevin’s leadership, Parkway also has embraced interfaith activities with our Jewish siblings at Shaare Emeth Jewish Synagogue and our Islamic siblings in TASOM (the Turkish American Society of Missouri), including our joint sponsorship of an Afghan refugee family from 2021 to 2023. Pastor Kevin often reminds us that all individuals and groups are beloved by God, who calls us, in turn, to respect and love all members of the human family.

Pastor Kevin serves with dedication, humor, and compassion. He is ready to share a prayer, a joke, or whatever might lift spirits and affirm God’s love. If you are looking for a church home or simply a temporary haven, he would be delighted to meet you.


Lana Biondo

Church Council President

A retired school psychologist, Lana is blessed with a loving husband, a son and a daughter who live in town, and five amazing grandchildren. Lana was raised in the UCC, and she is thrilled to have found, in this chapter of life, a congregation as dynamic and committed to social justice as Parkway. Since 2010, Lana has served as a volunteer with Circle of Concern--a social services agency that offers food, financial assistance, scholarships, kids’ programs, and other services to those in our community who need them most. She is grateful for Parkway UCC’s support of Circle of Concern and for its willingness to meet many challenges with courageous action. Lana is pleased to serve our congregation as Council president, helping us seek to answer Christ’s call to create “a just world for all.”


Barry Luedloff

Music Director

Barry grew up in a musical family, always striving to “make a joyful noise…” From childhood he was fascinated with the pipe organ at his parents’ church, so after enjoying piano lessons during elementary school, he completed an apprenticeship as a service organist in his early high school years. During this process he began a lifetime of playing the organ for churches of many different denominations—giving rise to his nickname, “the wandering organist.” Busy with a business career in corporate training for telecommunications and then banking industries, Barry also, until recently, managed to play roles in community theater and teach music part-time both privately and in various parochial schools. He served as the music director at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church and Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration before coming to Parkway UCC in the fall of 2017. Barry loves playing piano and organ for our worship services while working with the PUCC choirs, other musicians, and children. He also has an avid interest in architectural history, especially Frank Lloyd Wright. Barry’s favorite Biblical quote is from Psalms: "I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the House of the Lord.’"


Gabriel Requadt

Christian Education & Administrative Support

Gabriel grew up in Saint Louis and, after graduating from McKendree University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, enlisted in the United States Air Force to serve his country. He was honorably discharged in 2020 and felt God's call to pursue a career in ministry. Though he grew up in Christian Science, while studying at Eden Seminary, Gabriel was struck by the  beauty of the UCC and became a member, a step which later led him to service at Parkway. While in seminary, Gabriel met the love of his life, Shaine, and they married in the spring of 2023. Shaine and Gabriel parent two fur babies--Beau, a heeler mix, and Sarah, a 15-year-old corgi-bulldog mix--with a bulldog personality! Gabriel enjoys savoring a good cup of coffee, playing board or card games, and discussing theology, politics, and anime--in that order.


Now calling PUCC home, Gabriel hopes in time to be ordained in the faith. As Parkway’s Christian Education Director, Gabriel strives to build a strong spiritual foundation for our children and youth so that they may know God's limitless love for them, explore the Bible, ponder their place in the United Church of Christ, and feel included in the mission of our faith community. He hopes to help PUCC kids begin discipleship which will lead them to courageous action so that, guided by Christ and the Holy Spirit, they can help fulfill God's call to create a more just world for all.

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Kathy Ferrell

Office Assistant

Kathy is a grandmother of four. She was born in Mississippi to Holocaust survivors, and her family moved to St. Louis when she was thirteen. She earned an advanced degree from Washington University and then negotiated and managed leases for the area’s major shopping malls. Kathy later moved on to handle tax issues and audits for a local manufacturing company and then for a trucking company. Since retiring, she has worked part-time for Parkway UCC as our building manager, dealing with tenants and those using PUCC facilities. Kathy is an avid poker player, gardener, and reader.


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Dawn Friedmann


Dawn works directly with our treasurer and Church Council, managing Parkway’s finances. She pays all invoices, collects rents, and keeps track of donations for all our ministries. Making sure that every contribution reaches its intended recipients is very important to her. In addition, she prepares monthly and year-end documents for the church council, showing the financial state of Parkway, and for members, showing their gifts-to-date. She is happy to answer any  questions regarding contributions and financial statements. Dawn works part-time, primarily remotely from Florida.  She travels back to St. Louis once a month and loves when people come by to say hello!

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Mona Smith Herberg

Website & Graphic Design

Mona is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She grew up in Sherman, Missouri in a home that fronted the Meramec River. She began working at Parkway in 2012 as office administrator. Recently she shifted her focus to managing Parkway’s website and creating graphics for our bulletins and other publications. Mona loves walking in nature, playing the violin, painting, reading, and nature photography. She is creative and sarcastic.


Julie Connors


Julie has worked in the Parkway UCC nursery since 2014. She has 15 years’ experience working with children, including caring for youngsters who are on the spectrum. She grew up in Parkway and is delighted now to be able to serve our faith community. Julie is open and accepting to everyone, whoever they are and however they identify. She wants everyone to feel comfortable and safe, particularly the little ones in her care. Julie and Rebecca have been friends since high school and enjoy working as a team to ensure a stable, familiar presence in the nursery.


Rebecca Palmgren


Rebecca has been caring for children since she began babysitting at the age of twelve. She has a certificate in childcare from St. Charles Community College, and she is CPR certified. Rebecca loves kids and loves caring for the little ones at Parkway UCC. She likes being part of Parkway because the church is so open-minded and welcoming to people from all walks of life.  Rebecca and Julie are happy to continue their long friendship in shared service to Parkway UCC families.

John Nourse

John Nourse

Pastor Emeritus

John came to Parkway UCC, his fifth church, in 1985 and served as our pastor for nineteen years. The father of five children and grandfather of eight, John is originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and has been an avid Packers fan his whole life.  John takes pride in Parkway UCC’s work on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, a cause adopted during his tenure as pastor and still supported by PUCC today. Above all, John treasures the dedication of Parkway members to serving and caring for one another, a commitment which he nurtured and which has remained strong over the decades.


Darron Roberts


Darron is the father of seven and grandfather of fifteen. He has worked for Parkway UCC since 2021. Darron also works as a house painter and serves as a pastor for a North County congregation. One of his favorite ministries in recent years was leading weekly worship services for individuals at the St. Louis City Workhouse. Darron cleans our building weekly, keeping us ready to host worship, group meetings, and classes for students attending Harper School. Parkway UCC appreciates all Darron does to enable us to serve our church and our community.