Questions Welcome

Parkway United Church of Christ believes that God encourages us to question, think, learn, and evolve in the spirit of the loving God, rather than accepting the Bible as literal history. We offer several opportunities for dialogue as we envision how the spirit of God’s teachings applies to our lives today. Our spirited inquiry helps to grow and sustain our community of faith. We are a people of possibility. After all, God is still speaking.

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I am grateful my daughter felt safe enough to engage in spirited inquiry during her Sunday School and confirmation classes. She now is engaging in spirited inquiry on a daily basis at the university as she pursues her degree in Religious Studies.
-S. Polster

The other evening at our Interfaith Talks with our friends from TASOM (Turkish American Society of Missouri) here at PUCC, I was honored to be sitting between two Muslim men as we talked about some facts and myths of our faith traditions. Nothing compares to firsthand experiences of taking down walls!
-K. Cameron

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