5-22 The Environment, Journalism, and Some Neglected Aspects of American Life

Event Date: 05/22/2022


Select Sundays | 11:15am | Heritage Room & Zoom

Our speaker, Don Corrigan, is a humorist and person of many interests. He is the author of a number of books the former Editor in Chief
of the Webster-Kirkwood Times, and a long time friend of Mark Sableman. We expect Don to begin his remarks speaking about the environment, journalism, and some neglected aspects of American Life. Where that then leads him (and us) is anybody’s guess. But that is a good thing. Come and see.

Zoom: us02web.zoom.us/j/84691476997?pwd=aEM2ZURYWURLNmkwd0EzV0VHV1IyQT09

Meeting ID: 8469147 6997 | Passcode: 181565 | Dial (312) 626-6799



Post Date: May 20, 2022


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