7/11 – Impressions of Norway

Event Date: 07/11/2021


Sunday, July 11 | 11:15am | via Zoom

Presented by Kristen (daughter of PUCCers Mike & Peggy)

Another young person returns to her home church to educate and entertain us. This time it’s Kristen, who resides in Norway with her spouse and children. And therein lies the source of our genuine interest in Kristen and her life abroad. Norway is not the typical place one would expect an American from the Midwest to permanently reside. Kristen has a story to tell, not only about things unique to her, but also her impressions and observations about Norway. Those of us, who did not embark on a life beyond our home country, likely have many stereotypical views of what we think about Norway. Kristen will set us straight and provide a fascinating account of this unique land and her life there. This is not so much a travel log, as it is an account of a journey to a unique place and what she has discovered in her life there.

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Post Date: June 24, 2021


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