Speaker Series: Covid Tales

Event Date: 06/27/2021


A Roundtable Discussion Presented by You the people of Parkway

Sunday, June 27 | 11:15am | via Zoom

We have lived through a profound and extraordinary time. Please join us following worship to share a Covid story….

Maybe it’s about your children, grandchildren, neighbor, old friend; how your faith was tested; the isolation; your search for a vaccination; something funny; something poignant; Instacart; Zoom gatherings; toilet paper; travel adventure; or working remotely. Was there a ‘silver lining’ to this challenging and frightening time? What lessons did you learn about yourself and others? What were your theological thoughts and ponderings? Join us at the Zoom roundtable. You have a story to tell.

Zoom link for Summer Speaker Series:

Meeting ID: 846 9147 6997; Passcode: 181565

Dial in (312) 626-6799

Post Date: June 22, 2021


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