Five Top Trash Items Found on Beaches Worldwide


  1. Fishing Gear
  2. Plastic bags and utensils
  3. Balloons
  4. Cigarette butts
  5. Plastic caps and lids

Plastic caps and lids have always been a problem. They can jam machinery at recycling centers and even injure workers if they shoot off the line. Plastic bottles with the lids may not compact well and because they are from a different form of plastic, they require sorting before recycling.  Parkway now has an opportunity to help curb the cap problem by participating in a win-win project imitated by Gateway ONA.

A cap collection bin is now located by the wall behind the visitors’ table and the Sustainability Seekers have labeled it with a poster displaying acceptable cap types. The caps will be shipped to Camp Merom Conference Center in Merom, Indiana to be sorted by children there, then be shipped to Green Tree Plastics in Indiana, where they will be made into rainbow park benches and picnic tables. It takes 200 pounds of plastics plus $200 to produce a rainbow park bench. Gateway ONA has set a goal of donating a park bench to all the Open and Affirming Churches in our conference. Please bring your caps to church, spread the word to your friends, and acquire the good habit of never coming to Parkway empty handed again.


Image Credits

Title: “welcome to reality - use more plastics!”

Author: rey perezoso

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/reyperezoso/40379425690/in/photostream/

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Post Date: December 5, 2019


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