Tuesday Evening Discussion

Event Date: 01/09/2024


2nd & 4th Tuesdays | 6:00pm potluck | 7:00pm discussion | Heritage Room

Please join us on for our first session on the The Book of Charlie by David Von Drehle . This is the true story of the author’s neighbor, 109 year old Charlie. Von Drehle came to understand that Charlie’s resilience and willingness to grow made this remarkable man a master in the art of thriving through times of dramatic change. The Book of Charlie is a gospel of grit—the inspiring story of one man’s journey through a century of upheaval. The history that unfolds through Charlie’s story reminds you that the United States has always been a divided nation, a questing nation, an inventive nation—a nation of Charlies in the rollercoaster pursuit of a good and meaningful life. Please read the first 50 pages for our first session. Read up to Chapter 8
for our second session.

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