Speak Truth to Power

Event Date: 02/25/2024


Even in this age of sophisticated communication systems, a letter to your state legislator is an effective tool for presenting your views on specific bills. We’re looking for letter-writers and a few helpers who can help locate addresses for legislators or assist with the mechanics of getting letters in the mail. Cindy Changyit Levin has prepared some basic comments for letter-writers to adapt or expand on that will focus attention on HB 1708. Its goal is to relax existing restrictions on where weapons can be carried, repealing the current prohibition for churches. Join this effort to let your voice be heard in the Missouri House of Representatives after worship Sunday, Feb. 25, to write and/or help writers. For more information or to volunteer, contact Nancy Litzinger:


ADVOCACY MADE EASY! Join with others to express your thoughts about HB 1708 which would allow those with “carry” permits to bring guns into our church.  Following worship Sunday 2/25, there will be sample letters for you to address to your state legislator as well as envelopes and stamps.  And Bianca can look up your legislator and address if you need help.  Complete a letter in the Gathering Space or take one home.  The text will also be available on-line.  Because legislators don’t often hear from their constituents, your voice can make a difference.

Post Date: February 6, 2024


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