“Immersion in El Salvador,” by Parkway Member, Sue Moellering.

Event Date: 07/14/2024


Speaker Series | Sunday, July 14 | 11:15am | Heritage Room

In January of this year, Parkway member, Sue Moellering travelled to El Salvador with twelve other people with ties to Eden Seminary. The trip was sponsored by International Partners in Mission (“IPM”), an organization that has been conducting these trips, since 1974. It is NOT a vacation or a mission or volunteer opportunity. IPM describes the adventure as “Transformative Travel” that aims to create a powerful bond between the visitors and the people of El Salvador that can lead to social change.
The focus is on person to person cross cultural exchange. Participants walk in solidarity with communities their project partners serve. Sue will recount her experiences on the trip and its impact on her thereafter, along with insights into the people of El Salvador and their culture.

Post Date: May 1, 2024


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