Adventurers to Urban Archaeology : Lost Buildings of St. Louis at the Pulitzer Foundation

Event Date: 01/25/2024


Join the PUCC Adventurers on Thursday, January 25th, 2024 as we visit the Pulitzer Arts Foundation’s exhibition Urban Archaeology: Lost Buildings of St. Louis. The modern Pulitzer building is accessible, parking is close, and entry is free. We’ll meet at Parkway at 9:30 for carpooling or at 10 at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. Afterward we’ll head to a restaurant to be determined for lunch.

This fascinating exhibition brings together salvaged architectural elements from landmark buildings, residential homes, and neighborhood institutions built in St. Louis between 1840 and 1950. The artifacts on display represent important histories of material innovation, labor, and the everyday lives of the people who inhabit the city. The exhibition sheds light on the city’s history, revealing complicated legacies of power, wealth, and neglect that shape our experience of the built environment and daily life. Those people with a long history in the St. Louis area will remember many of the buildings from which the artifacts were salvaged. Included is a 15 minute film about St. Louis architecture, demolition, and revitalization, and an opportunity to provide your own input to the exhibit if you’d like. For more information:

There is a very small modern art exhibit in the building that can be viewed as well if you’d like, Sarah Crowner: Around Orange.

Contact Jackie Eiffert at with any questions.

Post Date: January 12, 2024


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