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Event Date: 12/10/2023


December 2023 Alzheimer’s News:
Alzheimer’s treatments: What’s on the horizon?
Current Alzheimer’s treatments temporarily improve symptoms of memory loss and problems with thinking and reasoning. These treatments boost the performance of chemicals in the brain that carry information from one brain cell to another.
Experts are cautious but hopeful about developing treatments that can stop or delay the progression of Alzheimer’s as they continue to better understand how the disease changes the brain. This has led to research of potential Alzheimer’s treatments that may affect the disease process, which may include a combination of medicine.
Taking aim at plaques – Clumps of protein beta-amyloid are known as plaques in the brain, a characteristic sign of Alzheimer’s. Medicines known as monoclonal antibodies may prevent beta-amyloid from clumping into plaques. They may also remove beta-amyloid plaques that have formed. In June 2021 the U.S. FDA approved Aduelm for people with mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease. Studies about it’s effectiveness are mixed and insurance coverage is limited. Leqembi, approved in 2023, has shown promise for people with mild cognitive impairment. A phase 3 clinical trial found it slowed cognitive decline in people with early Alzheimer’s Disease by 27%. Another study is looking at how effective it may be for people at risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. This includes people who have a first -degree relative, such as a parent or sibling with the disease.
You can learn more by going to or the Alzheimer’s Helpline which is accessible 24/7 via 800-272-3900 and staffed by master’s level clinicians to assist with crisis situations, decision making, and disease information. You can find virtual dementia caregiver resources online at Tools and support are also available in Spanish.
Want to learn more about the Alzheimer’s Association and what they do here in St. Louis? Visit and/or contact PUCC’s Faith Outreach Ambassador with the Alzheimer’s Association, Joyce Ruiz at

Post Date: December 12, 2023


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