1/15 – The Honey Bee, a Wonder of Creation by Eugene Makovec.

Event Date: 01/15/2023


The keeping of bees dates back to 9,000 years ago, and has been traditionally for honey. Since the 20th century that has become less true. In the modern era, it is more often used for crop pollination. Our speaker has been a beekeeper for 27 years. His presentation will be an an overview of beekeeping, covering some of the biology and history of bees, what beekeepers do and what is entailed with getting started. At the conclusion of this program, you will essentially have enough insight and information to decide whether this is something you might wish to pursue.


Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84691476997?pwd=aEM2ZURYWURLNmkwd0EzV0VHV1IyQT09

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Post Date: January 13, 2023


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