9/25 I Was So Captivated by the Blues Stanley Cup, that I Wrote a Book by Mark Sophir

Event Date: 09/25/2022


Mark Sophir, a lifelong St. Louis resident and a Blues hockey fan from the beginning, was so overjoyed by the Stanley Cup win in 2019, that he wrote a book. “300-1” tells the magical story of the St. Louis Blues 2018-2019 season – the highly improbable ascendancy from last place half-way through the season to capturing their first Stanley Cup (a 300-1 proposition that the author bet on). The book also takes a comprehensive dive into the 52-year history of the team to give context to this extraordinary accomplishment. With input from insiders, and entertaining stories that are not widely known, it explores the many achievements, disappointments, and often bad “puck luck” of the past five decades, and brings to life the great players, coaches and other colorful characters that comprise the rich history of this hockey franchise. Mark will relate his favorite Blues stories and describe what he went through to author his book.

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Post Date: September 23, 2022


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