AWOL to see powerful film Just Mercy

Event Date: 04/13/2024


AWOL (Adventurous Women Out Late) will be viewing and discussing the powerful new film Just Mercy. This is a book that our TED (Tuesday Evening Dialogue) group studied a couple of years ago.

In 1987, Alabaman logger Walter “Johnny D.” McMillian was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Due to incompetencies and racism within the justice system in Alabama, McMillian was sentenced to death a few years later — though his entire case was based on a single, coerced testimony.

Enter Bryan Stevenson, a brilliant, Harvard-educated attorney who moves from Delaware to the deep South to defend death row inmates and exonerate the wrongly accused. Facing politically-motivated maneuverings and structural racism himself, Stevenson takes on the seemingly impossible challenge of securing freedom for McMillian.

The film is a powerful, sobering reminder that — as Stevenson so eloquently states — “we all need some measure of unmerited grace.”

Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx star in this film.

Please RSVP to Carmen Bumgarner [cfbum@charter.net; 314-330-0813)] so she can order tickets for the 7:40pm show.

Post Date: January 16, 2020


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