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Event Date: 01/07/2020


As we look back on 2019, let us reflect: Highlights from National Alzheimer’s Association CEO Harry Johns’ Town Hall Meeting held in late 2019: Although Alzheimer’s was discovered in 1906 there was no association until 1980. During the 1970’s the prevalence of Alzheimer’s was in people over 65. It got people talking and we need to keep talking. When people talk, things change. The “United Campaign” and the “1st Survivor Campaign” earlier in 2019, got people talking and public awareness peaked. As a result, more people are being engaged. There are only 2,100 staffers nationwide. It is the thousands of volunteers who get things done. Advocates, Ambassadors, training for caregivers, helpline, and support groups all mobilize volunteers. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s in November engaged more people with families.

As we look ahead, a blood test to identify Alzheimer’s is on the horizon, we know lifestyle matters and we can adjust ours, sensory impairments in older adults may increase risk for Alzheimer’s so more study is required, Alzheimer’s differs in men and women, and new drugs are in development. We are excited about these promising developments.

Post Date: January 14, 2020


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