Speaker Series: The Baha’i Faith

Event Date: 06/14/2024


Join Nora McMorrow as she shares her Baha’I faith with us.
Why would God reveal so many different religions? How do we make sense of the events taking place in the world today? What role can each of us play in the advancement of world peace? Come join us as we discuss theses topics and more, from the perspective of a member of the Baha’i Faith. A brief overview of the basic beliefs of the Baha’i Faith will be shared as well.

Nora McMorrow is a retired physician and the mother of four. She has been a Baha’i since her teen years, and is part of the west county Baha’i community. Her daughter, Sophia, who is a junior in college, is a graduate of PUNS. Nora has lived most of her life near PUCC and is happy to be invited as a guest.

Post Date: October 23, 2019


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