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Not Just About Dirt! – NJFM Visits Danforth Plant Science Center

Event Date: 03/28/2019


NJFM Visits Danforth Plant Science Center with Mike Mason: “Not Just About Dirt!”
Thu, Mar 28, 2019| 10am (carpool at 9:40am)|Danforth Plant Science Center

“Tour the largest non-profit plant science research center in the world. You’ll see cutting edge facilities, technologies, and friendly scientists. Learn why the Center has a prairie, and what is hoped to be gained from understanding the native plants. Go deep into the greenhouses to learn about research experiments and discoveries that are changing the human experience and the future of agriculture…and what those billions of microscopic fungi, bacteria, etc. are doing in the dirt!”

RSVP Harold Cobb ccjcobb@aol.com.

Reservations are required by March 27, 2019!

Post Date: March 22, 2019


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