Daylight Savings Time Ends


Daylight Savings Time Ends

I was given an hour yesterday
from the time-dictators.

and found myself wondering
what to do with this wiggling gift
this hour —
sleep on it, play with it,
stuff it full with another task?

or better … talk with a friend,
write a long letter or a short story,
really enjoy a meal,
chase the early sunset with my heart,
and be glad to welcome
the crescent moon?

I’d love to keep my hour safe
for the morning I wake up late,
or am stuck in traffic,
or the evening
I am talking about a sorrow,
that needs to take its time.

If I could
I’d give my hour away

to an inmate at visiting hours,
or someone dying
as soon as a child’s plane lands,
to people in north Syria
running to refuge,
or those fleeing the California fires
who need to grab —
photo album or teddy bear,
to a dog-lover arm full of fur
last time at the vet,
or a child who wants
one-more-sled ride down the hill
on a midwinter night.

Too many choices —
for the hour I was given yesterday,

but look —
I am given another one today.

Post Date: November 4, 2019


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