Building Bridges, Not Walls.


Building Bridges, Not Walls.
Some of our interfaith friends from TASOM (Turkish American Society of Missouri – are eager to become more proficient in speaking English. There are a number of women who would like to have a conversational partner. We are hoping to have some PUCCers sign on to engage in one on one connections and perhaps a small group from time to time. The sky is the limit (what does that even mean to someone learning English?) for what can happen … some talk about a book, some cook together, some go out for a picnic or just chat. The partners come up with their own plans. This is a great way to commit to building bridges, not walls. Berrin from TASOM has asked that PUCCers fill out the google form asap so she can make some matches and provide introductions by the end of the summer.

Questions? Please contact Kevin Cameron (; 314-872-9330) or Lisa Mason (

Post Date: July 16, 2019


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  1. Sue Stolze on July 21, 2019 at 8:40pm

    I have an interest and some experience w this kind of thing. Let me know more details…