February 23, 2019

Rationale for Premarital Conversations

Congratulations on your engagement! 

Prior to weddings at Parkway UCC, one of our pastors will meet with couples at least three times. We call these Pre-marital Conversations…not Pre-marital Counseling…since we are not professional counselors and we do not presume that you need counseling.

During the months leading up to a wedding, so much time and energy is spent on decisions around dresses and tuxes; dinner and cake; invitations and seating charts, etc…We spend our time talking about more than the wedding day. We talk about your past, present and future as individuals and as a couple.

In a confidential setting, we will focus on a wide variety of topics including: family of origin, faith, parenting, communication, finances, gender roles and expectations.

Worksheets are one of the ways that we accomplish our goals. These worksheets are for your eyes only. You do not turn them in. Each couple gets two sets so that you can fill them out separately and then share your responses on your own. While there is value in what we discuss when we are together, the real opportunity for sharing and knowing one another comes as you prep for the meeting and as you leave the meeting and continue the conversation that night and into the future.

Through these Pre-Marital Conversations, we will get to know one another so that on your wedding day we have an established relationship … and we call each other by the right name.

We look forward to working with you as you prepare for your wedding and more importantly, your marriage.