July 31, 2015

Respect: July 2015 Intersections

respect cover
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respect coverThe July Intersections focuses on “respect.” Read about the UCC General Synod, the Adult Ed schedule, upcoming events, the Little Bit Foundation and the Rauscher family.

There’s No Place Like Home June 2015 Intersections

no place like home
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no place like homeOur monthly newsletter, Intersections, explores the topic of “home.” Find perspectives, quotes, photos. Read about how Parkway helps to make homes for St Louisians through Habitat for Humanity. And on the back page read about four generations of Tallyns at Parkway! 

Heritage & Legacy: May 2015 Intersections

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Who has made an impact on your life? What do you hope your legacy will be? What would you need to do differently to leave the world a better place? What traditions do you keep that help you honor your forebears? May’s Intersections focuses on heritage and legacy. Read about singing in the cemetery and how good deeds beget good deeds. Also, May’s worship notes, Adult Ed offerings, new TED Book and Cassie Rosenberger’s journey to Parkway. Read it now…

God is Still Speaking: April 2015 Intersections

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GISSNever place a period where God has placed a comma. The April edition of Intersections contains reflections from Parkway UCC writers about how God still speaks today. Click here to read the pdf version.

March 2015 Intersections

imarch 2015 intersections graphic
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imarch 2015 intersections graphic…For wisdom will come into your heart,
   and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul… ~Proverbs 2:10

We asked Parkway members to share their perspectives on wisdom and knowledge. Read these pages and find out more about the wisdom of Yentl, about how reading changes lives, and practical applications of what we have learned. It also has all the latest on stuff for children and youth and upcoming events.

Click here for the pdf version…

We Are Intentionally Inclusive: February 2015 Intersections

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We are intentionally inclusive.
This important statement is posted on the homepage of our website and can be found in various other Parkway documents.
What does this mean to you?
How is Parkway intentionally inclusive?
How can we become more inclusive?
How are we doing on issues such as migrant children, LGBTQ concerns, race and creed?
What are your thoughts on inclusivity in
Your life
Your family
Our nation (workplace, migrant children, sports teams, Hollywood)
Read these pages for some responses by Parkway writers. As always, if wish to express your thoughts as well, send them our way. We’ll post them on the website or perhaps have a follow up issue.

Click here to read the February 2015 issue of Intersections.

Let there be Peace on Earth: January 2015 Intersections

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Such a rich word. A state of being. A longing of the heart. An elusive dream.

In this season after Christmas, we reflect on peace.

What does peace mean to you? Is it merely the absence of conflict? How do you attain inward peace? Can peace be won through war or pacifism? Have you been involved in peaceful activism?

What is the answer to all the violence and conflict in the world today? In our community? In our families? In our hearts?

This powerful issue of Intersections focuses on peace. Click here to open the pdf.

Generosity of Spirit: December 2014 Intersections

Dec 2014 intesections 640
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Dec 2014 intesections 640Advent and Christmas Happenings at Parkway. Click here to read…

Champions Adjust: November 2014 Intersections

champions adjust
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champions adjustAre you a survivor? Do you need encouragement through a tough time? This issue is for you. Read about our struggles and victories and consider sharing your own story. Click here for the pdf of our monthly newsletter, Intersections

October 2014 Intersections

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wallet-with-american-moneyThis issue is about Money & Stewardship. Catch all the latest at Parkway UCC. Click here…