August 30, 2014


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An Invitation to One Family Worship this Sunday 8/31

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This Sunday, August 31, is a 5th Sunday of the month – a One Family Worship!…which will take place outside in the shade under a wonderful old tree on our lower playground on the north side of the building. Thinking outside the box! Loving nature! One of the things we try to do with some of these One Family Sundays is to experiment with worship and respond to requests and suggestions. We appreciate your willingness to experience the Holy and community in a variety of ways. It helps expand the spirits of our children/youth/adults as it attracts new people.

Our scripture lessons are Exodus 3:1-15 when Moses takes off his sandals because he meets with God on holy ground at the burning bush; the beloved Psalm 23 with rich imagery; and Romans 12:9-21 on how to be a faithful and loving community of faith. Our sermon is entitled Holy Ground. You may want to be ready with a brief story of a sacred place. We will also celebrate the sacrament of communion at our open table. Please consider bringing a friend with you. We will have plenty of chairs set up.

We do have plans of working around mobility concerns and weather possibilities. Don’t fret! Don’t stay home! Call this week if you have questions (314-872-9330). Come a little bit early next Sunday so we can be ready to begin worship at 10:00am. If you are comfortable doing so, you can simply walk downstairs and outside - or we can direct you to drive down Jennifer Lane (a small unmarked street between PUCC and Missouri Baptist Hospital) where there is very limited parking - or you can take advantage of a “shuttle” from the main parking lot down to the site. Please consider bringing fruits or veggies to share immediately after worship. We need a couple/few people to help receive and put out these healthy gifts. We would also like a few volunteers to help with setting up chairs, shuttling and directing people to and from Jennifer Lane.

If you are willing to help make this a success, please email me to let me know that you will bring fruit/veggies, help with parking/shuttle and/or with setup/cleanup. Thank you for being a church of tradition and new expressions!


Fear Factor: This Weekend at Parkway 8-24-2014

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490+: This Weekend at Parkway 8-17-2014

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Habitat for Humanity Build 9/13

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Saturday, September 13 | North St. Louis City

It’s that time again! We will be rehabbing a house and Parkway will be doing some framing work. The sign-up sheet is in the gathering space for workers and snack/drink donations. Questions? Please contact Marsha Peek at 314 991-4905 or

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Focused Faith: This Weekend at Parkway 8-10-2014

focused faith
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Foxhole Religion – This Weekend at Parkway 8-3-2014

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Thin Places Everywhere. Thick Places are Rare

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Moraine-LakeThin Places Everywhere. Thick Places are Rare
Kevin Cameron

from August 2014 Intersections

“Heaven and Earth,” the Celtic saying goes, “are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.”

A thin place may not actually be a place at all but a distance between two beings or the quality of a relationship. When I feel very close to God, when the gap between the Holy and the human seems negligible, I am in a thin place.

In the book of Genesis, when Jacob’s past deeds are catching up with him, he takes off…exhausted, he lies down and uses a rock for a pillow. He dreams of a ladder reaching from earth to heaven and angels are ascending and descending. God speaks to Jacob, reassuring him that God will go with him wherever he goes. It is a thin place.

I have been in many thin places, which include: robust hymn singing at a St Louis Association meeting; sharing communion with PUCC leadership at Camp Mo-Val; JHLTB 1 and 2; Habitat for Humanity workday right beside the homeowner; standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls; petting a calm cat on my lap; wading in the current of the river; crying in a Hallmark commercial booth in Crown Center; walking the Labyrinth at the Mercy Center; sitting alone in the Historic Sanctuary; lighting a candle in a dark room; driving through the mountains; talking with a family in Appalachia or a couple on a Native American Reservation in Arizona; staring at autumn leaves; rocking a baby in the middle of the night; praying for unity as I receive blessings in the nearby Mosque; running my hands/feet through the sand on a beach; looking into the face of a stranger; being ushered into the presence of the Spirit of Christ in worship—Jesus being the ultimate thin place.

Some would say that thin places are rare. I think they are everywhere—we just have to open our senses.

Holy Places, Sacred Spaces August 2014 Intersections

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windowweb640Click here to read about what a sacred space is and how people connect to the Holy in these spaces. Also all the latest on upcoming events, community service and a ministry spotlight on the Property commission. And finally, read the Winklemann story on joining Parkway UCC.

Planting Seeds: This Weekend at Parkway 7-14-2014

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