August 2, 2014


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Thin Places Everywhere. Thick Places are Rare

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Moraine-LakeThin Places Everywhere. Thick Places are Rare
Kevin Cameron

from August 2014 Intersections

“Heaven and Earth,” the Celtic saying goes, “are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.”

A thin place may not actually be a place at all but a distance between two beings or the quality of a relationship. When I feel very close to God, when the gap between the Holy and the human seems negligible, I am in a thin place.

In the book of Genesis, when Jacob’s past deeds are catching up with him, he takes off…exhausted, he lies down and uses a rock for a pillow. He dreams of a ladder reaching from earth to heaven and angels are ascending and descending. God speaks to Jacob, reassuring him that God will go with him wherever he goes. It is a thin place.

I have been in many thin places, which include: robust hymn singing at a St Louis Association meeting; sharing communion with PUCC leadership at Camp Mo-Val; JHLTB 1 and 2; Habitat for Humanity workday right beside the homeowner; standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls; petting a calm cat on my lap; wading in the current of the river; crying in a Hallmark commercial booth in Crown Center; walking the Labyrinth at the Mercy Center; sitting alone in the Historic Sanctuary; lighting a candle in a dark room; driving through the mountains; talking with a family in Appalachia or a couple on a Native American Reservation in Arizona; staring at autumn leaves; rocking a baby in the middle of the night; praying for unity as I receive blessings in the nearby Mosque; running my hands/feet through the sand on a beach; looking into the face of a stranger; being ushered into the presence of the Spirit of Christ in worship—Jesus being the ultimate thin place.

Some would say that thin places are rare. I think they are everywhere—we just have to open our senses.

Holy Places, Sacred Spaces August 2014 Intersections

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windowweb640Click here to read about what a sacred space is and how people connect to the Holy in these spaces. Also all the latest on upcoming events, community service and a ministry spotlight on the Property commission. And finally, read the Winklemann story on joining Parkway UCC.

Planting Seeds: This Weekend at Parkway 7-14-2014

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IMG_0025A busy weekend here at Parkway! Read about the campout, Game Night and more by clicking here…

Parkway Weekend Vacation Bible School: Blast Off VBS July 18 – 20

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July 18-19-20 | Friday 6:30pm – 8:45pm | Saturday 9:30am -12:30pm (lunch included) | Sunday 9:30am-12:30pm
Launching Kids on a Mission of God’s Love

A new inventive way to reach out to the children of Parkway and children in our community is coming this summer.Christian Education Commission is sponsoring a weekend Vacation Bible School! The final day of VBS works right into Sunday morning activities. Children will perform music at the11:00amservice, rehearsal and activities after children’s time in church. Ingrid Scharf and Carol Cobb are directing with a great staff providing music, games, projects with a purpose, and Bible stories.

The suggested fee is $15.00 for the first child and $10.00 for additional siblings.

Register online now!

Contact us for more information.

A Lighter Load: This Weekend at Parkway 7-6-2014

Big Jump
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Big JumpHow do we know ourselves, build and repair self-esteem, engage in self-reflection; give self a break; be accountable; lay down burdens; carry a lighter load? God wants to help us find wholeness. Join us this weekend as we discuss A Lighter Load. Read more about what is coming up this weekend and beyond…

Spotlight Lounge Presents: A Raisin in the Sun @Parkway UCC

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A-RAISIN-IN-THE-SUNSpotlight Lounge Presents: A Raisin in the Sun @Parkway UCC

By Lorraine Hansberry, Directed by Lauron Thompson

July 24-26 | 8:00pm | Sanctuary & Gathering Space

July 27 | 2:00pm & 8:00pm | Sanctuary & Gathering Space


What happens to a dream deferred? A Raisin in the Sun delves past the surface of that hallmark question and discusses identity, security, and the hopes that dreams are made of. Itis a shining example of the ruthless emotional intelligence of African American theater; and a piece that inspires a new generation of playwrights. Refreshments served. Ticket information:


Jay-B’s Spotlight Lounge, Inc, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional production and display of the independent arts. Our Mission is to encourage and develop a contemporary understanding of the performing arts by providing up-and-coming professionals with the resources necessary to obtain and maintain a career in entertainment.

We specialize in providing consistent performance and job opportunities for those without the financial means, or know how to pursue a career on their own.

We seek to foster an environment where independent performing arts of all facets can be seen and produced in a professional light on a consistent basis by providing the public a dinner theater experience.

Mentoring Matters: July 2014 Intersections

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mentoring2Click here to read about teaching/mentoring relationships have changed lives at Parkway. Also find the latest happenings and upcoming events, a family who came to Parkway because of its giving practice and a ministry spotlight on Christian Education.

A Cup of Cold Water: This Weekend at Parkway 6-29-2014

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IMG_48401Fifth Sunday Worship, JuneFest, Sacred Conversations, Camping…all this and more is coming up! Read about it in our weekly enews.


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DV016_Jpg_Large_708501.053_red_pearlThis is Your Invitation to PARKWAY’ S BIG JUNEFEST!

Sunday, June 29 | 11:00am (following 10:00am One Family Worship

On June 29 at 11:00am our congregation will gather for Live Music featuring accordionist Larry Hallar and accompaniment.

Larry has recently appeared at the St. Louis Art Museum,

Bloomholf and Stone Hill Wineries, various Country Clubs,

Grant’ s Farm and Strassenfest.


Join us at Parkway for 5th Sunday at 10:00am which will feature a solo by our guest accordionist and then at 11:00am gather with our entire congregation as we celebrate our German roots with freshly grilled bratwurst, Anna Lee’ s mashed potatoes and Sauerkraut. There will be all beef hot dogs for the kids.


We would appreciate it if you can bring a salad: potato salad, macaroni salad, slaw, fruit salad, jello salads, use your imagination.


The Finale: Freshly scooped ice cream cones and Root Beer Floats!


This will be the Highlight of the Summer Season! Enjoy Music, Music, Music, Music! Dancing will be encouraged! Helium Balloons for the Kids!


Please sign up in the Gathering Space to get a count for food needed

or contact us.

Sacred Conversation at the Funeral Home 7/23

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classroom6-crop2Sacred Conversation at the Funeral Home

Wed, Jul 23 @7:00pm | Schrader Funeral Home

14960 Manchester Rd | Ballwin, MO 63011 | 636-227-5511 |

If you have ever sat around the table with a funeral director after a loved one has died, you know how intense and emotional it can be. It is often a time when you can’t quite think clearly and yet many decisions need to be made right away.


We have set aside a couple of opportunities for a small group of PUCCers to meet with a funeral director for conversation and tour. Come with all of your questions, concerns, needs. Pastor Kevin will be there as well.


We ask that you dress as if attending a Visitation since we don’t know what will be going on in the funeral home while we are there and we will want to blend in with the others in the building.


We are limited to six people each visit so we can all fit around the table. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in the Gathering Space or you can RSVP and/or get more information from or 314-872-9330.