April 16, 2014


Whats happening at Parkway. [Scroll down to view older posts.]

Holy Week at Parkway

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holyweek2Join us for Holy Week Worship at Parkway UCC

  • April 13—Palm/Passion Sunday—9:30 & 11:00am(New Sanctuary on west side of Ballas)
  • April 17—Maundy Thursday—7:00pm in the Gathering Space (west side of Ballas)
  • April 18—Good Friday Prayers—noon in the Historic Sanctuary (east side of Ballas)
  • April 18—Good Friday Service—7:00pm (New Sanctuary on west side of Ballas)
  • April 18—Easter Prayer Vigil Begins—8:00pm details…
  • April 20—Easter Sunrise Service—6:00am (cemetery behind Historic Sanctuary)
  • April 20—Easter Worship—9:30 & 11:00am (New Sanctuary on west side of Ballas)

(Sunday School and Easter Egg Hunt for the kids)

JOY: April 2014 Intersections

JOY flowers
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JOY flowersThe power of joy. Holy week and Easter information. Community Easter Egg Hunt. Recap on Jesus Has Left the Building 2. It’s all here! Click here to read the April edition of Intersections, Parkway’s monthly newsletter.

Youth & Bell Choirs to Perform at Parkway 4/27

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HandbellsBack by Popular Demand!

The wildly popular youth and bell choirs from First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake, Illinois, are returning to PUCC on Sunday, April 27. These choirs last performed for us in April of 2010 and were met with such warmth, such enthusiasm, such hospitality, they have decided to return to Parkway for a repeat appearance. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Download the poster here…

April Schedule for Voices of Grace

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pucc_vog_christmasRehearsal Schedule for Voices of Grace

Sunday April 6th              10:45 a.m.      Regular rehearsal

Wednesday April 9th-      7:30 p.m. –      Rehearsal with Adult Choir

Sunday April 13th            10:45 a.m.  -   Regular rehearsal

Wednesday April 16th-     7:30 p.m. –    Rehearsal with Adult Choir

Friday April 18th (Good Friday) 

Sing at Good Friday service – Be there at 6:00 p.m.  

We are singing “Fall Slow Tears” by ourselves and “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” with the Adult Choir.  This is coming up quickly- please be at all the rehearsals so we can be well-prepared!

We welcome all Middle School and High School youth to join Voices of Grace this season!  We meet for rehearsals every Sunday from 10:45 to 11:15.  Please contact info@parkwayucc.org for more information.

Jesus will leave the building: This Weekend at Parkway 3/30/2014

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JESUShasLEFTtheBUILDING2_640JHLBT2 (Jesus Has Left the Building 2)

Worship with us this Sunday at 8:30am only! Our scripture texts are 1Samuel 16:6-13a and Psalm 23. Jay-B will play the piano and Voices of Grace will sing. Communion will be by intinction and we will be sent out…JHLTB2!


Read all about this weekend and beyond by clicking here…


4/3/2014 Update: See our pictures on Facebook!

Gushing Up: This Weekend at Parkway 3/23/2014

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max-at-drinking-fountainWorship with us this Sunday at 9:30 Traditional or 11:00am Informal. Our scripture texts are Exodus 17:1-7, Psalm 95 andJohn 4:5-42 with a sermon entitled Gushing Up. Read all the latest happenings here…

Blowing in the Wind: This Weekend at Parkway 3/16/2014

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blowing-in-the-wind-640Join us for Traditional Worship at 9:30am or Informal Worship at 11:00am. Our scripture passages are Genesis 12:1-4a; Psalm 121 and John 3:1-17 with a sermon entitled Blowing in the Wind. Just ask Abram and Sarai-life can be unpredictable. The Holy sends us/brings us to places we did not expect: “the wind blows where it chooses.” When we go with God, we are blessed…in our going out and coming in. Learn to trust.

Read all about what is going on at Parkway this weekend and beyond…

Alone Together: This Weekend at Parkway 3-9-2014

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aloneClick here to read about all the happenings at Parkway this weekend…

Loving Service: Feb/March 2014 Intersections

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hands_webDiscovering our identity, serving the community, getting to know each other. It’s all in the Feb/March issue of Intersections. Click here for the pdf issue.

Staying Power: This Weekend at Parkway 3/2/2014

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STAYING_POWER_640Click here to read about what is happening this weekend and beyond…