September 1, 2014


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Dottie Dwyer, President of the Church Council (


Kevin Cameron, Senior Pastor (

husband and father of four; good listener; not too serious; volunteer – school, scouts, sports; misses the ocean








Barb Kuhlmann, Director of Christian Education and Youth Ministries (

mother, grandmother, warm, creative, joyful, compassionate, faithful, adaptable and spirited





Barbara Raedeke, Organist/Choir Director (

avid hiker, dog lover, early music enthusiast










Jay-B Saffold, Informal Worship Music Director (

Jay-B is faithful, gifted, creative, generous, personable, authentic, gentle, and passionate about music and worship.







Mary Lou Campbell, PUNS Preschool Director (


Mona Smith Herberg, Office Administrator (

mother and grandmother, creative, sarcastic, violinist, loves to hike, voracious reader, enjoys photography








Cindy Boddy, Financial Administrator (
mother of one; breast cancer survivor; always learning; loves to read; enjoys music




Melissa GauslingNursery (
patient with children; great with 80′s movie trivia; family very important





Julie Connors, Nursery


Mary Lou CampbelL, PUNS Interim Director 
Married with 3 grown children (2 of which attended PUNS), love children, flowers, cooking and traveling.









John Nourse, Pastor Emeritus

deep spirit, gentle gardener, Wisconsin islander, clergy couple