February 23, 2019

Intertwine Interfaith Initiative Announced

The Christian Services Commission is launching Intertwinean interfaith initiative to build positive relationships while learning more about other faith communities. In this time when divisiveness may seem like the norm, we strive to celebrate both our similarities and our differences with members of various faiths and backgrounds. 


With the help of Beth Damsgaard-Rodriguez of Interfaith Quest, we are launching the Intertwine initiative with three events this year. People of all faiths (or no faith) and all ages are encouraged to attend.


Sun. March 11 we held a field trip to the Saint Louis Science Center to learn about the CANstruction mural created by Interfaith youth and what each faith tradition shared in the process.

June 5: Iftaar at PUCC to break the Ramadan fast one evening with the Turkish American Society of MO (TASOM)


Fall: event focused on Jewish traditions, possibly Sukkot


The intent is to perpetuate these opportunities into the future, sharing planning and participation with various faith communities. Please enjoy these unique experiences as we create new friendships.