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CANCELLED: Town and Country Symphony Orchestra Concert


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Jesus Has Left the Building 11 – MLK Day – January 20, 2020

This was our first JHLTB that wasn’t a Saturday or Sunday. We chose the date because PUCCers have noticed the last couple of years that there aren’t very many community service projects available on MLK Jr Day in St. Louis. We looked for existing projects to join, so that we were helping alongside others rather…

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Recycle Do’s and Don’ts

Recycle Do’s and Don’ts Per REPUBLIC Presentation January 2020 1. Empty. Clean. Dry. 2. Recycle plastic containers identified with recycle triangle numbered 1 through 5, & 7 NOTE: NUMBER 6 IS NOT RECYCLABLE 3. For empty aluminum foil or waxed paper boxes, remove the metal part then recycle the cardboard. 4. All milk/juice cartons are…

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Alzheimer’s News – Helpful Conversation Starters:

If you notice changes in yourself or another person, here’s some ideas about what to say: “I’ve been getting lost lately and it’s pretty unsettling. I think we should talk to a doctor.” “I’m not sure what it is, but I just don’t care about important things the way I used to. I want to…

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Loving the People of Puerto Rico

UCC reaches out with disaster relief following earthquakes in Puerto Rico, launches emergency appeal January 08, 2020 Written by Connie Larkman The United Church of Christ is reaching out to partners in Puerto Rico after a series of earthquakes, the largest of which struck the island on early Tuesday morning, Jan. 7. The magnitude-6.4 earthquake,…

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Alzheimer’s News

As we look back on 2019, let us reflect: Highlights from National Alzheimer’s Association CEO Harry Johns’ Town Hall Meeting held in late 2019: Although Alzheimer’s was discovered in 1906 there was no association until 1980. During the 1970’s the prevalence of Alzheimer’s was in people over 65. It got people talking and we need…

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Let’s Go Dutch to The St. Louis Art Museum

Not Just for Men will visit the Saint Louis Art Museum to view the special exhibit of Dutch Painting in The Age of Rembrandt. Following the exhibit we will visit a fine dining establishment. P.S. We will have a second run at the History Museum’s exhibit on The Mississippi River in February. Call Harold Cobb…

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Plastic cap recycling opportunity

3-24-20 Update: During the COVID-19 stay at home order, please continue to collect plastic caps and store at home for future drop-off at Parkway UCC.   The Parkway Sustainability Seekers are “seeking” your plastic caps to help Gateway ONA. The caps will be recycled and made into rainbow benches that Gateway ONA hopes to donate…

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Five Top Trash Items Found on Beaches Worldwide

Fishing Gear Plastic bags and utensils Balloons Cigarette butts Plastic caps and lids Plastic caps and lids have always been a problem. They can jam machinery at recycling centers and even injure workers if they shoot off the line. Plastic bottles with the lids may not compact well and because they are from a different…

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Biogen Presses Ahead on Alzheimer’s Drug

Biogen Inc. will seek federal approval for a medicine to treat early Alzheimer’s disease. The drug, called aducanumab, aims to help the body clear harmful plaques from the brain. Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Biogen is developing it with a Japanese company, Eisai Co. Ltd. Two studies tested aducanumab, given as monthly infusions, in more than 3,000 patients…

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