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Covid mental health challenge #7. Laugh your way to mental fitness.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for comedians. They poke fun at our world and show it’s glaring absurdities, inviting us to laugh at the very things that drive us crazy. And in many cases, it turns out the best comedians are struggling with mental afflictions themselves, mining the darkness of their…

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Fast and Pray – Two Weeks Until the Election

Please fast and pray with me today. The election is two weeks away, and, though this vote cannot fix all that is so badly broken in this country, it might help. • I’m praying this election will mark the beginning of the end of family separations, caging children, and demonizing immigrants. • I pray this…

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Religion in Politics

A Word for the Day… I was talking with a neighbor a couple of weeks ago when the topic of the presidential debates came up. “I do not talk about politics or religion with people,” she said. “I do not think any of that matters in the whole scheme of things.” I was dumbfounded. I…

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Covid Mental Health Challenge #6- Stigma- the biggest roadblock to mental health treatment

In 1972 Missouri Senator Tom Eagleton accepted the nomination for Vice President of the United States at that year’s Democratic convention. Shortly after the convention it came out that Eagleton had experienced depression and had been treated three times with electroconvulsive therapy. Immediately there were questions asked about his ability to be Vice President. The…

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Covid Mental Health Challenge #5 Are people generally good? or bad?

Humankind: A Hopeful History Rutger Bregman 2020 In the past few years I’ve gotten a bit down about humanity and all its weaknesses, hatreds, and willful ignorance. Looking around, it’s easier to despair these days that we are doomed to failure for our short-sightedness and selfishness. That make optimism seem naïve and pointless. This book…

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Covid Mental Health Challenge #4 Mental Health Treatments we’ve come a long way.

The good news about being mentally ill in the 21st century is that it could have been much, much worse. Treatments in past ages were in many cases ineffective, damaging, or horrific. Mental illness was even less understood than it is today, and some believed that evil spirits had taken over bodies. The entire fields…

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Faith Rally: Election Day Home Stretch

Feeling bruised, battered, or fatigued by this election season? Looking for a source of uplift down the home stretch to November 3rd? Then, this webinar is for you. Join United Church of Christ, The Rev. Dr. Gerald L. Durley, the Hip Hop Caucus, the Center for Earth Ethics, and Alabama Interfaith Power and Light for…

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Covid Mental Health Challenge #2- My Depression Story

In any mental health journey, the discussion turns to stories. Everybody has a story, especially of when they realized they had mental illness and how they reacted. My childhood was fairly event-less, with no big traumas or tragedies. My parents lived in a nice neighborhood, sent me to private schools, and never divorced. My parents…

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Alzheimer’s News

Depression and Caregiving October is National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month and awareness of these issues has never been more important. A recent article published by Time Magazine revealed that “three times as many Americans met criteria for a depression diagnosis during the pandemic than before it…” Researchers have found that a person who…

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Covid prayers continue

Respond to this post by replying above this line     Prayer for all with COVID 19 by Maren God, this is my two-hundred-twenty-eighth daily prayer for those with COVID-19 and today it includes Donald and Melania Trump, as well as people from the Greek Orthodox church, York County Jail, University of Iowa, India, Brazil, and…

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