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July 2023 Alzheimer’sNews

Exercising Regularly May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s According to new research, people with leaner muscles are less likely to develop the disease. Lead author Dr. Iyas Daghlas, of the University of California, San Francisco said: “Based on human genetics data, individuals randomized to lifelong lean muscle mass had a 12 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease…

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The Happiest Man in the World? How a Tibetan Monk stunned the world of science.

By Dan Connors “I have also come to understand that although some people are naturally happier than others, their happiness is still vulnerable and incomplete, and that achieving durable happiness as a way of being is a skill. It requires sustained effort in training the mind and developing a set of human qualities, such as…

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June 2023 Alzheimer’s News

June 2023 Alzheimer’s News This One Simple Action Can Help Older People Fight Off Alzheimer’s, Researchers Say; Researchers have done extensive research when it comes to Alzheimer’s. But one recent finding revealed that one simple action can help fight off the cognitive disease – regular walks. Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Public…

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TASOM Cooking Class

I attended a cooking class with TASOM (Turkish American Society of Missouri) and several other ladies from around the area. I was expecting to help make a Turkish dish. Instead, there was a lady nicknamed “the chef”, who prepared an entire Iftar dinner while we watched. She was amazing. She had already prepped the ingredients,…

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May 2023 Alzheimer’s News

Myra Garcia was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s in 2020 at age 62. Her diagnosis forced her into early retirement from a job she loved, but has also provided new opportunities. She volunteers at a senior memory care center, sings in three choirs, and remains physically and socially active by practicing yoga, biking, golfing, and taking…

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April 2023 Alzheimer’s News

Researchers have developed a new omega-3 fatty acid that could potentially stave off visual declines in Alzheimer’s patients, according to a new study recently published, though there is still no cure for the debilitating disease, which affects nearly 6 million Americans. Researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago, developed an omega-3 fatty acid called docosahexaenoic…

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3/26 – Return to Vietnam

Two Parkway Church Veterans Recount Their Experiences During the War and Decades later, when they Returned by John Russell and Roger Fauss People who opposed American involvement in the Vietnam War tended to blame American troops for the tragic situation in Vietnam, instead of blaming the government leaders who had sent them there. By the…

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Zero Waste

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne-Marie Bonneau Zero Waste 101: Everything You Need to Know Quick Key Facts Zero waste dates back to the 1970s when the term was coined by chemist Paul Palmer. Today, zero waste includes the 5…

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February 2023 Alzheimer’s News

A recent U.S. study of nearly two million people 65 and older, split evenly between those who had received a flu vaccination at least once in their lifetime and those who had not, showed that those who had received the vaccination were 40% less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s than those who had not…

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2-21 Webinar by Interfaith Power and Light and UCC

Join the Interfaith Power & Light, the United Church of Christ, and other faith partners in learning about benchmarking your facilities’ energy use, so that your congregation can cut energy costs and care for creation. This is the first step in planning to take advantage of federal funding now available to faith communities. Presenters include:…

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