October 15, 2018


Membership helps individuals to:

  • grow personally
  • find a sense of belonging
  • renew purpose
  • make valuable friends
  • experience joy
  • discover spiritual gifts
  • respond to world needs
  • greater intimacy with God
  • develop prayer life
  • reclaim peace
  • ask tough questions
  • widen boundaries
  • prioritize life
  • put faith into action
  • learn more about scripture
  • be inspired by the Spirit
  • become more Christ-like
  • …and more!


The Dynamic Mission and Ministry of Parkway UCC

Church membership provides the opportunity to do many things including: grow personally, find a deep sense of belonging, renew your purpose, make valuable friendships, experience joy, discover your spiritual gifts, respond to the needs of the world, become more intimate with God, develop your prayer life, reclaim peace, ask tough questions, widen your boundaries, prioritize your life, put your faith into action, learn more about scripture, be inspired by the Holy Spirit, become more Christ-like…and more! With our congregational polity, as a church member, you have a voice and vote when we adopt an annual budget, call a pastor, create and fine-tune our vision, and make decisions about our properties and buildings. If you are interested in becoming a member at Parkway, contact us.