February 23, 2019


oxymoronIt is heartwarming when we find out we are making a difference. Last week  we received this wonderful email about our outdoor sign and have to share with everyone:

I drive past your signs every morning on my way to work. The words you put on your board are things that make you smile, think and nod in agreement.

I’m not religious and I stay away from churches because, well as a lesbian woman I am not typically welcome.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw your board… It was right after they legalized gay marriage. I saw your board, “We believe in Marriage, equality, and marriage equality.” I was beaming after that. It was nice to see religious organizations standing by our side.

The one you have on display now is just amazing. Even if I’m having a bad morning, this always puts a smile on my face. Such powerful words.

I’m sure it’s not the most popular board in town, but it certainly the one with the most truth. I just wanted to say thank you.

Calm in Heart

peace calm in heart

patiently practice peaceful presence

patiently practice peaceful presence

Let God sort it out.


The first duty of love is to listen.


Be your best self and have love in your heart.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

be_the_changee the Change You

Do not forget…

do_not_forgetPosted 8-2-2015

Love thy neighbor.

love_thy_thy_neighborPosted 8-2-2015

Take a slow walk today

take_a-slow_walkPosted 7-26-2015