February 23, 2019


Membership helps individuals to:

  • grow personally
  • find a sense of belonging
  • renew purpose
  • make valuable friends
  • experience joy
  • discover spiritual gifts
  • respond to world needs
  • greater intimacy with God
  • develop prayer life
  • reclaim peace
  • ask tough questions
  • widen boundaries
  • prioritize life
  • put faith into action
  • learn more about scripture
  • be inspired by the Spirit
  • become more Christ-like
  • …and more!


The Dynamic Mission and Ministry of Parkway UCC

Church membership provides the opportunity to do many things including: grow personally, find a deep sense of belonging, renew your purpose, make valuable friendships, experience joy, discover your spiritual gifts, respond to the needs of the world, become more intimate with God, develop your prayer life, reclaim peace, ask tough questions, widen your boundaries, prioritize your life, put your faith into action, learn more about scripture, be inspired by the Holy Spirit, become more Christ-like…and more! With our congregational polity, as a church member, you have a voice and vote when we adopt an annual budget, call a pastor, create and fine-tune our vision, and make decisions about our properties and buildings. If you are interested in becoming a member at Parkway, contact us.


Inquirers’ Gathering Thu, Jan 25

Inquirers’ Gathering Thu, Jan 25 | 6:30-8:00pm | Heritage Room

As we arrive in the new year, you may be reassessing your life and priorities—where you spend your time and resources…how it is that you are healthy in body, mind, spirit and relationship. As a visitor to PUCC, you want to learn more about who we are and who we are becoming.


We’d love to get to know you better too. Please come to the upcoming Inquirers’ Gathering. We will have dessert and great conversation. Childcare can be arranged if you need it… just ask!


Please RSVP to Kevin Cameron—kevin@parkwayucc.org; 314-872-9330.

Karen Boyd—Karen kkseib@gmail.com; 314-378-7575.

Lunch Bunch June 11

Lunch Bunch: St. Thomas Fried Chicken Dinner

Sunday, June 11 | PUCC gathering space | 12:30 pm | 7842 Wild Horse Creek Road

Join us and St. Thomas UCC for a fried chicken dinner.  RSVP or if you need to car pool contact Gloria Wandless at 314-606-9768 or email her at Gloria.wandless@gmail.com so we can let them know an approximate number.  Looking forward to you participating in the event!

Parkway UCC Inquirers Gathering 11/9


Parkway UCC Inquirers Gathering!

Monday, November 9 | 6:30-8:00pm | Heritage Room

Are you new to PUCC? Want to know more about us? We’d love to get to know you. Join us for an Inquirers’ Gathering. We will have dessert and great conversation—guaranteed! Childcare can be arranged if you need it…just ask!

Please RSVP to Kevin Cameron: kevin@parkwayucc.org; 314-872-9330


Our goals that evening include:

  • getting to know one another a bit more
  • discussing some key issues of faith
  • describing Parkway’ s worship, outreach, education, leadership, fellowship
  • taking a look at our denomination: the United Church of Christ
  • sharing ideas about the exciting future of Parkway UCC
  • soliciting your thoughts on how we can be a more welcoming and
  • inviting community of faith
  • answering any of your questions


You will find our time together meaningful and informative!

Some churches call this sort of gathering a New Members Class—we do not.


While we do know that there are a number of you who have expressed interest in becoming members of the church, we do not assume that Inquirers are seeking membership. We just want to be hospitable, get to know you and have the chance to express gratitude for your presence among us.

State of the Communion Address

Given on Sunday, January 25 by Dottie Dwyer, Parkway United Church of Christ Council President

Good morning and thank you for being here today for this service and this important annual meeting. This is my “State of the Communion” address.

First, let me say it has been an honor to be your Council President this year.  I’ve been at Parkway for 25 years and still had no idea how much goes on in this very special place – and beyond. Or how many people contribute so much to making it all happen. Let me assure you that the members of PUCC are continuing the tradition of committed Christian living which we celebrated last year in our 175th Anniversary year.

I’m sure most of you read the newsletter and bulletins and note all the activities which go on regularly here. Many of them are familiar as they happen repeatedly. Every year we make apple butter. Every year we have a Christmas pageant (though not always as fabulous as this year’s Christmas Country Spelling Bee!). You know if you drop by two Tuesday mornings a month you will smell yummy stuff baking in our kitchen as the Sweet Bakers work their magic for the hungry gathering at our sister church Pilgrim UCC. And you’ll always find piles of things being collected to give to others—from shoes to mittens to toiletries to calendars to school supplies to toys to nonperishable foods. Parkway is a very giving, very generous congregation.

I’d like to mention this morning just a few of the new things that happened this year at Parkway. Some you may have noticed and participated in, and some may have gone by unnoticed except by those who made them happen. I list them in no particular order. They all contribute to making Parkway what it is. Parkway Church:

  • Hosted our first (annual) Sugar Plum Bazaar in December.
  • Made bags for homeless veterans at our Blast Off VBS! this July.
  • Stood with pride beside two members (Thomas and Agnes) of the African family we have supported as they became U. S. citizens.
  • Gathered beneath the huge tree by our lower playground for an outdoor worship this August.
  • Joined with The Rock Church to be part of Project Cope, which helps people make the difficult transition from incarceration to life outside.
  • Formed a new Facilities Committee to promote and oversee the appropriate and safe use of our buildings.
  • Purchased for our pastor a new laptop computer as his was being held together with duct tape.
  • Repaved our parking lots.
  • Installed new handicapped-accessible door handles for our bathrooms.
  • Hired a new Music Director (Jay-B) for the 11:00 worship service.
  • Sent a volunteer tornado disaster recovery mission team to Oklahoma in the fall.
  • Hosted the first (annual) Community Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Held the first congregational READ-IN as we read together Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, a book about adult literacy recommended by the national church.
  • Welcomed Laurie Framboise, our contextual education student pastor from Eden Seminary.
  • Installed a new digital locking security system on our doors.
  • Had a member go to Israel with a circus troupe!
  • Enjoyed the Youth Super Heroes Circus and Picnic in June.
  • Confirmed six youth.
  • Were treated to wonderful choral music by two choirs from First Congregational Church in Crystal lake, Ill.
  • Raised – the children raised — $1,000 to send to the Family Village Farm Orphanage in India, which Parkway families have visited in recent years.
  • Bought a new printer for the church office.
  • Visited the Missouri History Museum Exhibit on Prohibition as part of our Not for Men Only
  • Celebrated with German food and live German music in honor of our German heritage in June.
  • Hired a new Financial Administrator (Melinda Bentley).
  • Installed one new outside door in the basement, one new outside door to the nursery, and painted the outside PUNS doors those eye-popping primary colors.
  • Hosted the first (annual) Trunk or Treat event on Halloween weekend.
  • Thrilled to the voices of the Naval Academy Women’s Glee Club in the spring.
  • Had THE most diverse and interesting Adult Ed offerings on Sunday mornings anywhere around; if you didn’t attend, you really missed out. Make it a priority in 2015.
  • Installed WI-FI in the Gathering Space and Fellowship Hall.
  • Approved a new commission – The Communications Commission – to help us get the word out, among a million other things.
  • Planted elderberry, persimmon, and mulberry trees at Seeds of Hope Farm in North County.
  • Supported local restaurants in Ferguson by joining with members of our churches up north for lunch one Sunday.
  • Are privileged to have two UCC St. Louis Association pastors on the Ferguson Commission.
  • Wrote and adopted a Crisis Communications Plan.
  • Welcomed new staff to PUNS after the retirement of Sally Dischinger after 24 years of leadership and a fall of unexpected staff changes.
  • And – if you were part of any of Parkway’s rockin’ karaoke events—you had numerous opportunities to learn both the words and the melody to “Let It Go,” the number one song from Disney’s movie “Let It Go” was the number one request.


That’s a whole lot of “new” at Parkway!  Not to mention new faces and friends.  As we enter this new year together, we continue to live into our pledge to strengthen our worship, build our relationships, and develop our identity. The Council challenges everyone to continue the excitement evidenced in 2014 into our next year together – 2015. 


Ask yourself:


What is still missing at Parkway?

What have I experienced at another church that I’d like to introduce here?

What group would I like to form?

What interest or hobby do I have that I’d like to share?

What books or movies would I like to read or see and discuss with others?

What would I like to do in worship that I’ve never done here? (Wear pajamas?)

What new technology would I like to see introduced at Parkway?

What other ways can I imagine to publicize what we do here? 

Are there acquaintances I’ve considered inviting, but never actually invited to church?

Are there topics I’d like to cover in Adult Ed or another setting?

Have I got an idea for another Jesus Left the Building Sunday?

Have I ever attended a UCC Synod?  (The next one in is Cleveland, OH, not far away at the “mother church.”)

Have I ever attended a Life Event at Eden?

Do I have story I’d like to share? Or a song?


On that note, I, too, will “let it go” and turn the meeting over to the Stewardship Commission to deliver other news from 2014 and hopes and plans for 2015.  I understand they have both a report and a challenge.  Just remember, the other challenge strongly considered, but ultimately rejected, was the “ice bucket challenge.”


January 25, 2015

Dottie Dwyer, PUCC Council President