February 23, 2019

Fee Schedule

Rental Fee Structure


  • 25% discount on multi-room packages.
  • Repeat customers may qualify to receive 25% discount after first event.
  • Charitable organizations: suggested donation discussed.
  • Payments due first of the month.
  • Deposit – One month’s rent. Deposit refunded upon return of keys and if all conditions are satisfactory.
  • Large organizations [Marthoma, SLCC] terms negotiated.



  • Large blocks possibly negotiated.
  • Leased to companies only – no private individuals.
  • Each organization renting the facility will be assigned parking spaces/blocks.



  • Deposit required for all new rentals.
  • Charge by the month. Invoice/statement sent by the 10th of the month for the upcoming month. Late payments subject to late fees [$10.00 per month if past 30 days].
  • Cancellation: If inclement weather forces cancellation, PUCC will issue a credit. [If schools and/or major area businesses close because of weather]
  • Hard copies of invoices to be duplicated and kept in rental files.


Room Once Multi/Periodic Use
New Sanctuary $750.00 Fees negotiated
[Wedding/Funeral/Event package: New or Old Sanctuary, Gathering Space, Heritage Room, Choir Room, Library] $850.00
Wedding/Funeral/Event package: New Old or Sanctuary, Gathering Space, Heritage Room, Choir Room, Library, Fellowship Hall, Kitchen]
Old Sanctuary $750.00 Fees negotiated
Fellowship Hall [w/o food] $300.00 $200.00
Fellowship Hall [w/food – includes use of kitchen] $400.00 $250.00
Heritage Room $150.00 $100.00
Other Rooms [classrooms] $50.00 $25.00
Parking Spaces 2.50/day $50.00/month