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Tuesday Afternoon Dialogue

Event Date: 02/15/2022


1st & 3rd Tuesdays | 1:45 Fellowship | 2:00pm book discussion| via ZOOM

Please join Tuesday Afternoon Dialogue (TAD) in reading No Cure for Being Human (And Other Truths I Need to Hear) by Kate Bowler, Associate Professor at Duke Divinity School. TAD will begin this book Tuesday, February 15th

From Amazon: It’s hard to give up on the feeling that the life you really want is just out of reach. Everyone wants to believe that they are headed toward good, better, best. But what happens when the life you hoped for is put on hold indefinitely?

Kate Bowler believed that life was a series of unlimited choices, until she discovered, at age 35, that her body was wracked with cancer. In No Cure for Being Human, she searches for a way forward as she mines the wisdom (and absurdity) of today’s “best life now” advice industry, which insists on exhausting positivity and on trying to convince us that we can out-eat, out-learn, and out-perform our humanness. We are, she finds, as fragile as the day we were born.

With dry wit and unflinching honesty, Kate Bowler grapples with her diagnosis, her ambition, and her faith as she tries to come to terms with her limitations in a culture that says anything is possible. She finds that we need one another if we’re going to tell the truth: Life is beautiful and terrible, full of hope and despair and everything in between—and there’s no cure for being human.

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