Parkway Speakers Series Presents “Demystifying Our Juvenile Courts” by Judge Tom Frawley


Sunday, February 14 | 11:15am | https://youtu.be/07LgXS4aBoA

Neither Perry Mason nor Atticus Finch ever tried a juvenile case. They probably don’t even know the answers to these questions: Can juveniles be held in jail? Do they have any due process rights? May a juvenile be prosecuted as an adult? What is the role of the court, when a child is abused or neglected? Why are proceedings confidential? What is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (“CASA”) and how can I be one? Judge Tom Frawley, who ran the City of St. Louis Juvenile Court, will answer these questions and others. Its a civics lesson that promises to be entertaining and educational.

Post Date: February 11, 2021


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