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Alzheimer’s News October 2021

Event Date: 10/10/2021


Gum disease and dementia risk:
Ignoring your gums might have serious repercussions beyond oral Health:
Extreme gum disease that leads to tooth loss may be associated with mild cognitive impairment and dementia later in life, Reports Neurology Magazine.
Researchers followed more than 8,000 adults, with an average age of 63 and no dementia, for about 20 years. At the beginning of the study, participants underwent a periodontal exam including measures of gum bleeding and recession, and then were divided into groups based on the severity of their gum disease. About 4.500 participants were assessed at the study conclusion.

Of those diagnosed with severe gum disease at the start, 22 percent developed dementia, even if they kept some teeth. Only 14 percent of those with healthy gums and teeth developed dementia. Researchers caution that their results show an association- not proof- that poor oral health causes dementia, saying that more studies are needed to establish a definitive causal link.

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Post Date: October 7, 2021


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