Spring 24 pollinator garden

Sustainability Seekers Wildflower Garden

Event Date: 06/17/2024


This month we’d like to highlight the plants in our Native Wildflower Garden. Many people have been caught admiring the garden and asking the names of these plants. Since our garden is only 1 year old now, we’re very pleased about the way it looked for its first fall and again now in the spring. Usually, these gardens take a couple of years to really look like much. So, thanks again to the Sustainability Seekers Committee for their hard work and expertise.
Starting from the left and working your way around, the plants we have are:
Black Eyed Susan
Aromatic Aster
Missouri Evening Primrose
Lance leaf coreopsis
Pot Marigolds
Orange Coneflower
Butterfly weed
Purple Coneflower
Eastern Bluestar
American Beautyberry
Canada Goldenrod

I may have missed a few, and we may have inherited a few new ones that, thanks to the wind and or pollinators, decided to join our garden. All pollinators are welcome in our garden! However, all “new add-on plants”, aren’t necessarily wanted or accepted. We are being selective and will be weeding a few out. We hope you enjoy the garden.

Post Date: June 26, 2024


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