PUCC Inquirers

Event Date: 08/19/2021


Thursday, August 19 | 7:00 – 8:15pm | Heritage Room and on Zoom

Inquirer: someone who wants to know more … about Parkway UCC

The next PARKWAY UCC Inquirers’ Gathering will be in the Heritage Room and on Zoom

Our goals that evening include:
* getting to know one another a bit more
* discussing some key issues of faith
* describing Parkway’s worship, outreach, education, leadership, fellowship
* taking a look at our denomination, the United Church of Christ
* sharing ideas about the exciting future of Parkway UCC
* soliciting your thoughts on how we can be a more welcoming and inviting
community of faith
* answering any of your questions

You will find our time together meaningful and informative.

Some churches call this sort of gathering a New Members Class – we do not.
While we do know that there are a number of people who have expressed interest in becoming formal members of the church, we do not assume that Inquirers are seeking membership. We just want to be hospitable, get to know you and have the chance to express gratitude for your presence among us.

* Please wear a mask to keep everyone safe.

Zoom connection details:


Meeting ID: 863 7300 2141; Passcode: 328559

Questions? Contact Kevin: kevin@parkwayucc.org | 314-872-9330

Post Date: July 27, 2021


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