December 10, 2018

Youth Night March – May 2016

Wednesdays | 6:30-7:30| Fellowship Hall

Contact Barb Kuhlmann: | 314-872-9330

Balloon Bonanza!

There’s no winners or losers this night, no, just a lot of FUN! Come and navigate through a maze of balloons and not let any pop! Hope to see you there!


March 16: Record Breakers!

The Guiness World Records has many challenges to be broken. Let’s try and break a few! Who can eat the most jelly with chopsticks in a minute? Who can text the fastest? We will have many challenges and it’s up to you to break the record. Join us!


March 23: No Youth Night, Spring break


March 30: Dinner for Ronald McDonald House

We will meet at 4:00pm to pack the food and head over to the Ronald Mc Donald House to prepare dinner for the residents. We plan to be back to church by 8:00pm. We can only take 8 to 10 people including adults so Contact Lisa Mason or Barb Kuhlmann soon if you want to be a part of this special evening. If we fill up, no worries, we will be preparing casseroles in our church kitchen for shut ins.


April 6: Baseball’s Back!

Cardinals are ready to start their season and so are we! Let’s play ball! Bring a bat and glove and we’ll try and hit a few out the park!  As always the famous candy bowl will be out and you will have a chance to win a door prize! Bring a friend or two and let’s celebrate our Cards opening day!


April 13: Open Gym Night!

It’s your chance to decide what we are going to do. We can play basketball outside, volleyball inside or play sardines all over the building. Come and let’s have a great time with your choice of fun for the night! Candy, snacks and door prizes, oh my! Hope to see you there!


April 20: April Showers Bring May flowers!

Let’s dig in the dirt and plant some flowers for our church building. As always we will have snacks and you could win a door prize. Come and find out what makes our youth group so special. We’ve got the best group of kids around. Come and see!


April 27: Glow Night!

What is Glow Night? Come and see! It will be a glowing night with plenty of fun. The famous candy bowl will be out and you will have a chance to win a door prize!


May 4: Art Night!

Let’s let our artistic juices flow and create something wonderful. With many different supplies you will have a chance to explore your inner YOU! Come and bring a friend, who knows, you could win a door prize!


May 11: Outdoor Fun!

If weather permitting we will head outside to play games of your choosing. Capture the flag? Duck, duck goose, it’s all up to you! The candy bowl will be out with us and you will have chance to win a door prize. It’s going to be a blast so make sure to join us!


May 18: Youth Night Party!

Come and join us for our end of the year party! Food and games, there will be something for everyone. Let’s say hello to summer and have some fun saying goodbye for awhile. Hope to see you there!