November 21, 2018

Vitality Initiative Update and Invitation!

Vitality Initiative Update and Invitation!

Our Vitality Initiative, which opened on the weekend of September 15-17, led by our consultant, Rev. John Wimberly, is proceeding on schedule.


This fall, more than 90 members and friends took part in drafting, discussing, and revising a new Purpose Statement. The Vitality Initiative planning team initially drafted a statement. Then about 10 focus groups were held, many of which made suggestions for revising the purpose statement. The planning team met in late November, and updated the purpose statement in light of those suggestions. The final purpose statement (which our Church Council blesses and consultant, Rev. Wimberly, calls “very, very good”) is shown below:


Parkway United Church of Christ strives to be an inclusive community embracing:

  • spiritual nourishment
  • open-minded inquiry
  • courageous action, and
  • interfaith partnerships

to fulfill God’s calling to create a just world for all.


After breaking for the holiday season, the Vitality Initiative is resuming as we select goals and strategies, and then, with Rev. Wimberly’s help, prioritize the strategies. We need your help developing all possible strategies on Sunday, January 28 immediately following the 10:00am Annual Budget Meeting and One Family Worship Service. Please join us as all members and friends help in strategy development and enjoy a light lunch together.


Planning Team Co-chairs: Mark Sableman: | Karen Boyd: | Doug Dischinger: