November 21, 2018

Tuesday Evening Dialogue 9/12

Tuesday Evening Dialogue 9/12

2nd & 4th Tuesdays | 6:00-8:30pm | Heritage Room | Potluck & Discussion


For our next gathering – we did not select another book, but instead we will read and discuss the John Wemberly articles (links below). Pastor Wemberly is an external coach who will be partnering with the congregation this year on a “vitality initiative.” In advance of his visit to Parkway Sept 15-17th, Pastor Wemberly provided some articles (some he authored) for our “pre-reading.” TED will read and discuss these articles, discussion facilitated by Kevin Hogarty.

Contact Karen Boyd for more information:

Priorities Lost in the Madness

Aligning our Congregational Systems

Mobilizing for Ministry

How to Have a Better Conversation

Spiritual Formation as the Future of the Church