January 19, 2019

Some Health Facts

Some Health Facts
Kevin Cameron

I witnessed some great teen to teen support recently at church. It was an act of spiritual and emotional healing. One of the teens was unable to see how far they had come and so they were reminded with concrete examples. It was beautiful to witness.

Jesus was known to say to people, “Your faith has made you well.”

The excitement about the Pope’s visit to America seems to be across faith traditions. This Pope is taking down barriers between people – which can really heal the pains of past divisions.

No pain, no gain.

I sense our St Louis community is becoming healthier as we engage in honest conversation–speaking our truth, asking deep questions, listening with the heart. These practices lead to healthy relationships and peace.

Malala’s book is the next text for Tuesday Evening Dialogue. Along with her healing from the Taliban’s bullets came increased courage. Wow.

Several years ago I started carrying bandaids in my wallet. I am now famous for this and other parents send their kids to me whenever they are in need. I have been surprised at how many times there does not appear to be a physical need for the bandaid.

Bartimaeus called to Jesus from the side of the road. Jesus heard him and asked, “What do you want me to do for you?”

We have well used ice packs in our freezer and a sought after heating pad. Sometimes an injury needs ice only, sometimes just heat while other situations call for alternating between the two. It can be hard to discern and balance the different approaches.

We continue to debate the role of immunizations in our country. When I listen to these conversations I hear the echo of an OBGYN nurse we worked with in the late 90s…“It’s not the 1700s. We have better ways of doing things now.”

There was a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. She conferred with doctors and tried all kinds of things, but nothing worked. One day she saw Jesus and made her way through the jam packed crowd to touch the hem of his garment. People sometimes travel long, far and wide for healing

When I don a gown, gloves and mask to visit someone at the hospital, I know that sometimes it is to protect the patient and other times it is to protect me and my family.

What are some of your health and healing stories, facts and questions?

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