December 10, 2018

September 2015 Adult Education

September 6: Labor Day Weekend—no AE

September 13: PUCC’s COPE Team—Making Second Chances Count

2015-02-02-project-cope.jpgPUCCers engaged in this important ministry want to tell you all about it!
Since 1985, Project COPE has provided transitional housing, case management services, programming, and mentoring to men and women returning from incarceration. Through the dedication of staff and congregational-based mentoring teams, hundreds of ex-offenders have successfully reintegrated into the community; working, raising families, and living successful lives free of crime.

September 20: Florence Simonson—Bible Study on Jonah
diving-blue-whaleYou will enjoy Florence’s approach, spirit, humor and challenge! Come hear the story again—or for the first time—and see how Jonah’s journey fits into your life.
Simplified version—God asks Jon
ah to speak God’s word to a group of people. Jonah goes in the opposite direction. God does not give up on asking Jonah—for the need is still there. God gives Jonah another opportunity. Jonah listens this time. God is with Jonah the entire time—even in the belly of the great big fish!

September 27: Valley of Hope with Dana Gardner
B-W-logo-gold-glow-e1390587726525The Valley Hope Association is a nationally recognized, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. They began on the campus of a state hospital in Kansas in1967 and are now in seven states. Valley Hope includes medically monitored detox, residential, day/partial, outpatient and continuing care. Valley Hope encourages family participation because they have been affected and need help too.