December 10, 2018

PUCC … We’re here! – February 11, 2018



Warm greetings on this wintry morning!


We are here!


The parking lot and walkways have been prepped for your arrival …. even as we understand that some of your driveways and side streets aren’t as well treated.


BE SAFE — whether you get out on the roads and come to worship or stay snug at home.


Traditional Worship at 9:30am and/or Informal Worship at 11am.
It’s the last Sunday before Lent begins – our journey to Holy Week and Easter. This Sunday is also called Transfiguration Sunday as Jesus changes in a burst of light on the mountain top. He mingles with prophets of old and forges a bright path forward. This story is described in Matthew 17:1-8. We will also look at 2Kings 2:1-12 … when Elisha promises Elijah that he will not leave him. Our sermon is ‘From the Mountain to the Valley Below – and Back Again’. Peter wants to stay on the mountaintop with Jesus, Moses and Elijah but he has to go back to the people in the valley below or they’ll never know that they can go to sacred places such as this. Light and warmth and spirit and inspiration and revelation!
It’s Book Sunday!
We will also experience our monthly Faith Sharing – this time by Kevin Hogarty (Council President).
Plan to be with us Wednesday evening (Feb 14) at 7pm for our Ash Wednesday worship service…


All ages are invited to join us as we begin our Lenten Journey toward Holy Week and Easter: From Lovers to Fools: Making Sense of the Lenten Journey. We celebrate the sacrament of communion and give you an opportunity to have ashes (last year’s palms) placed on your forehead or on the back of your hand. The choir sings and we hear Jesus’ words about being more faithful as recorded in Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21. We will also light our Lenten candles to signify all the ways that we go From Lovers to Fools with our eyes, ears, hands, voice, heart, head and feet. Each time we worship during Lent, we will extinguish one candle as we get closer to the darkness of Good Friday. We will light all of the candles again on Easter morning as nothing can extinguish God’s light or love. This gift is to be experienced with our whole selves and shared with others abundantly.






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