December 10, 2018

PUCC Lenten Devotion – Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Let your word be “Yes, Yes” or “No, No”. – Matthew 5:37
Rosa Parks rode at the front of a Montgomery, Alabama, bus on the day the Supreme Court’s ban on segregation of the city’s buses took effect. A year earlier, she had been arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus…….
On a cold December evening in 1955, Rosa Parks quietly incited a revolution – by just sitting down.
She was tired after spending the day at work as a department store seamstress. She stepped onto the bus for the ride home and sat in the fifth row – the first row of the “COLORED SECTION.”
In Montgomery, Alabama, when a bus became full, the seats nearer the front were given to white passengers.
Montgomery bus driver James Blake ordered Parks and three other African Americans seated nearby to move (“Move y’all, I want those two seats,”) to the back of the bus.
Three riders complied; Parks did not.
The following excerpt of what happened next is from Douglas Brinkley’s 2000 Rosa Park’s biography:



“Are you going to stand up?” the driver demanded. Rosa Parks looked straight at him and said: “No.” Flustered, and not quite sure what to do, Blake retorted, “Well, I’m going to have you arrested.” And Parks, still sitting next to the window, replied softly, “You may do that.”



After Parks refused to move, she was arrested and fined $10. The chain of events triggered by her arrest changed the United States.
Prayer: Holy One, help me to know that my words have power — for good or for ill. Amen.


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