January 19, 2019

Parkway UCC Feels Like Home

Parkway UCC Feels Like Home
Kevin Rauscher

rauscher familyKevin grew up in Ferguson, MO, and attended Immanuel UCC. The fellowship at the church was wonderful and amazing but Steffanie and I were not sure we belonged there. Stephanie’s spiritual journey included a grandmother who had a Catholic heritage and a grandfather with a Jewish heritage. During her childhood, feeling exclusion was a reality at either fellowship. The day after our son Nathan was born, Kevin’s mother passed in November 1996 and then in February 2002 Kevin’s father passed. We share this as it affected our decision to leave Immanuel which offered a perfectly good fellowship but the reality is we attended there to enjoy time with my parents who were very active members.

Kevin’s understanding of the UCC was deep and heartfelt but because of that history it was also uncomfortably true that at Immanuel Kevin was living in the shadow of his parents’ legacy. Steffanie had begun to feel she was expected to assume her mother-in-law’s role at Immanuel out of obligation. It seemed appropriate to find a new church, one where our identity as a couple could have a fresh start. We were somewhat familiar with Parkway and felt drawn to the church. Just before Easter 2002 we attended a worship service and concluded we had found our new beginning.

Kevin is a retired Paramedic/Firefighter. A lifelong interest in music performance now drives his daily life. Singing in the choir, playing trumpet, guitar or bass guitar in worship at Parkway is his passion. Kevin plays as a freelance R&B, jazz, and rock as a trumpet player as often as requested with several local groups. As cool as that all is, Kevin is completely excited about Nathan’s emerging talents as a top notch jazz musician playing vibes, piano, and drums.

Steffanie is a nurse and an accomplished healthcare professional working as a Lead Performance Improvement Engineer at BJC Healthcare at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Steffanie’s clinical background is in emergency medicine. Currently she is completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing having completed her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Steffanie has served actively as Secretary of the PUCC Council and in various other capacities, always creatively and responsibly.

We are busy, motivated people and that tradition is continuing with our son Nathan. Graduating summa cum laude from Pattonville High School, with a GPA of 4.4, we are excited that he will attend Webster U on Scholastic and Musical talent scholarships. 
We love being a part of Parkway UCC. It feels like home to us!