November 21, 2018

OUR CHURCH AT WORK: Ministry Planning & Review Committee

OUR CHURCH AT WORK: Ministry Planning & Review Committee

Brad Lyons

The Ministry Planning and Review (MPR) Committee helps develop the faithful and effective shared ministry and common life of the congregation and the pastor. This panel is charged to

  • Create a climate of trust, openness, and honesty among everybody involved at Parkway UCC,
  • Help align and clarify congregational, staff, and leadership goals,
  • Provide counseling and consulting opportunities for the congregation and staff related to behavior, decisions, relationships, spiritual and emotional well-being, and
  • Advocate for professional growth of pastoral staff.
  • Confidentiality is the commission’s priority. To be able to provide honest, open useful feedback, discussions in MPR are off the record; no minutes are taken.

“Part of MPR’s job is to provide a focus group where Kevin can test ideas about potential approaches to ministry, identifying what’s working well in programs or how other programs can be improved,” says Ross Livengood, MPR’s current convener. “MPR also acts as a confidant to pastors, to give them a place to talk about the challenges of the job, the profession of ministry, and how that impacts their regular life.”
MPR and Council collaborated to plan January’s Town Hall meeting and are planning similar meetings later this year.
Each member of the committee serves a four-year term, with one member rotating off and replaced each year. Current members are Ross Livengood, Meera Williams, Leslie Tupper, and Brad Lyons. The Council President is MPR’s Council liaison but does not attend the meetings.

When Parkway UCC has two pastors on staff, separate MPR Commissions provide each pastor a confidential team for reflection and support. When multiple committees exist, they meet annually as a check-up on the shared staff ministry.