January 19, 2019

My Journey to Parkway

My Journey to Parkway
Cassie Rosenberger

cassieIt’s incredible how fast the past 7 years have flown by! In 2008, I was introduced to Parkway UCC by a Conference Minister through the Illinois South Conference of UCC. I was born and raised UCC, but after moving to the St. Louis area in 1993, I never found the right “community” that I was looking for in a church. In 2008,
my home church was being decommissioned and merging with another church in the town, and I was asked to play.

After the service, the Conference Minister that was in attendance asked me where I went to church, to which I had no answer. She then suggested that I might look into a couple different churches, but most specifically Parkway for the music. Taking that suggestion, the next weekend, I came to the 9:30am service to “test” it out.

Always before, I would go into a church and walk out unnoticed. Not at Parkway! At the end of the service, I was greeted by Pastor Kevin and, after being asked, told him how I heard about the church. As soon I heard his response my playing the flute, I knew I had inadvertently signed up for something before I realized it! It was at that point that he told me the previous flautist had just moved to California the week before.

Funny how God’s hands are in even the littlest of things! It was at that first day I knew this was the church for me. Joining was a short process for me; I felt at home at Parkway, which is not something I had felt while visiting other churches. From the minute I first walked through the door, I was amazed at how welcoming and inviting the membership is and for that I am grateful.

I have enjoyed playing for both services and with the choir—there are so many talented people in this congregation! I love that the church is focuses on the future and growth with the new church building; but also remembers its tradition and history with the historic sanctuary and history tower. Also, as a member of the Evangelism Commission for the past 4+ years, I have been able to participate in and create events, which is something I highly enjoy.

truly feel blessed to have found and been welcomed by such a wonderful church community!