November 21, 2018

Ministry Spotlight: Stewardship Commission

Line Against Bar Chart Shows Actual Against Budget
“The Stews” doing the grunt work of building the 2015 budget are Scherrer, Doug Detjen, John Dywer, Jeanette Kelly, and Ellie Svenson.
In other settings, the Stewardship Commission would be called the Finance Committee or the Ways and Means Committee. But in a church setting – where we recognize everything we have is a gift and that God calls us to handle those gifts with compassion and conscience–the Stewardship Commission helps us focus on why we’re giving and why we choose to use the resources the way we do.
The fall and winter are Stewardship’s time in the spotlight. The annual pledge campaign each October feeds into the budget the commission members will prepare during November and December. After a thorough review from Council, the proposed budget will go before the entire congregation in January.