November 21, 2018

Ministry Spotlight: Property Commission

Parkway’s Property Commission operates quietly and efficiently to make sure the church building and property functions properly and is well-maintained. The Commission is responsible for safeguarding, maintenance, repair and ongoing care of the church’s land, buildings and equipment.

Volunteer skills and labor from the Property Commission members, as well as the entire congregation during scheduled Church Work Days, minimize the amount of money spent to care for our spaces and places. However, when outside contractors are needed, the

Property Commission secures bids and oversees the projects. For any service or equipment needs exceeding $500, the Commission submits a recommendation to Council for approval.

The Property Commission also reviews the insurance coverage for the facilities and property periodically to recommend any alterations needed to properly protect the physical spaces.

Current members of the Property Commission are Convenor Ben McDougall, Roger Fauss, Mike Mason, Mike Rogers, and Kent Tallyn. Pete Eggebrecht handles the HVAC system for the Property Commission. Please report any property repair need or issue directly to any of the commission members for consideration.