January 19, 2019

May 2016 Worship Notes

May 1 | 9:30am & 11:00am | Communion| Give-a-Meal
Scripture: Psalm 67; Acts 16:9-15
Message: Persuasive Paths
Theme: Apostles travel to/through multiple places. They spend time with women and listen to the ways they live and embrace the message of the gospels.


May 8 | Mother’s Day
Scripture: Psalm 97; Acts 16:16-34
Message: Set Free
Theme: A story of fortune-telling, imprisonment, praying-singing, earthquake, freedom, celebration!


May 15 | Pentecost | New Members
Scripture: Psalm 104:24-34, 35b; Acts 2:1-18
Message: Overflow
Theme: The place was overflowing with people from all over! The Holy Spirit arrived and filled the place and the people. How does the Spirit continue to fill us too? How does it spill over from us onto others?


May 22
Scripture: Psalm 8; John 16:12-15
Message: Whole in One
Theme: What the Holy Spirit does now that we are Post-Pentecost What did the Creator give to Christ that was passed along to the Spirit…the Spirit now gives to us? What do we do with all of it now?


May 29

Scripture: Psalm 96; Luke 7:1-10
Message: Worthy of Authority
Layered story of a centurion and his sense of his authority, worth, faith. Jesus has an interesting response to the man. What does this story touch off in us? If this is true, how then shall we live?